Westlock Concrete Solutions Ltd (WCS) is an innovative company based in Northern Buller, New Zealand that has directly experienced the devastating effects of coastal erosion. Not satisfied with the ongoing maintenance of rock walls and the limited choices available for erosion, Westlock put their heads together and designed a unique interlocking concrete block system providing a long-term solution.

In Westlock’s search for engineering compliance and exclusive manufacturing support, there was no better match than Busck Prestressed Concrete Ltd. Busck is one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected manufacturers of Precast concrete products, with 80 years of experience and 7 manufacturing branches strategically spread across the North and South Islands.

Westlock partnered with Busck to produce a superior engineered block and placement method that complies with NZ engineer standards and enables them to be placed in harsh marine environments and waterways. Across the globe, hard structures have been used for long term protection against erosion. Now it is time for us to take the lead.

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Our Services - Retaining your future

Westlock Concrete Solutions offers two options to for our clients

Option 1: System / blocks only

We can work with your preferred contractor and supply them the blocks. If it is the first time your contractor has used our system, we will work alongside them to ensure that the design and installation are done correctly.

Please note: If it is your first time using our system, as a condition of sale, we will work alongside you during the design phase. We will be able to pass on what we have learnt and things to look out for, this will save you time and money in the end.

We will also have one of our experienced installation team to oversee and help when your first project is due for installation. Depending on the size of the project, this could be a half day to two-day exercise and come at a small cost to cover expenses.

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Option 2: Our full end-to-end solution service

We will project manage and facilitate the entire process, whilst keeping in close communication with you.


Stage 1: Preconstruction

  • Client brief and site survey
  • Preliminary design of the Westlock system
  • Preliminary costing based on the geotech and structural engineers’ foundation design.
  • Client approval
  • Geotech and foundation engineering
  • Detailed design of the Westlock system
  • Final costing of the detailed design
  • Client approval

Stage 2: Compliance

  • Compliance documents submitted for resource and building consent approval
  • Commence construction

Stage 3: Construction

  • Program and production management and product delivery to site
  • Management of the critical path program in conjunction with construction team
  • Geotech site management and testing
  • Site meetings to ensure compliance requirements are being met

Stage 4:Completion

  • Contract documentation and construction monitoring
  • Production and submission of the PS3 and PS4 to the local authority for approval and Code of Compliance
  • Final completion
  • Client handover

Product Specifications

All of our concrete blocks meet the marine grade standard “C” class, with concrete strength *45 mpa, and concrete finish F4/U3. Reinforcing minimum cover 60mm, returns NZS3109. We have registered design rights on the product.

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